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CLC Pecans is a family-owned business that offers flavorful and nutritious pecans grown from our 35-acre orchard of 1,100 trees in Lovington, New Mexico. We tend to our pecan trees with the utmost care, providing them with a healthy amount of water and fertilizer to produce juicy and sweet flavored nuts.


For many years, we have been providing our freshly harvested products to our customers nationwide. Our pecans are sold in varied quantities, which we can ship to any location in the United States. Get yours now by contacting us via email or phone, or catch us at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market in New Mexico regularly year-round. Be sure to check the events tab for schedule.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I was so pleased to find CLC Pecans at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. When I tried the first sample, I was sold! I now buy a pound a week and keep them in my freezer, I take out what I need from the bag and put them right back in the freezer. 

Carol Pamlayne

Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I love CLC pecans. I use them for all my cooking. I keep a bowl of them handy on the counter because they are a delicious snack. They are so sweet and juicy.”

Betsy Wise

Lubbock, Texas

“CLC Pecans are the best pecans I have ever tasted. I order them regularly and have them shipped to me in Virginia. I have tried pecans from the store, and they just aren’t the same. Once you get used to eating the fresh pecans, you don’t want any other kind! I am grateful to have found a pecan producer that continually provides sweet and meaty nuts.”

Mark Gray

Alexandria, Virginia

“My doctor told me to stop eating unhealthy snacks, so I researched the healthy options, and I found that pecans contain healthy fats and provide the protein that I need. I feel so fortunate to have found CLC Pecans that provide me with the most delicious nuts. They are shipped to me quickly when I order them, and I just pop the ones I don’t plan to use immediately in the freezer. I love CLC Pecans!”

Bill Baxter

Dallas, Texas

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For more information about our pecan business and products, send us a message. We’ll get back to you with a reply as soon as possible!