I was so pleased to find CLC Pecans at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. When I tried the first sample, I was sold! I now buy a pound a week there and keep them in my car. On the hottest days, I reach in the console and pull out warm, delicious nuts for a snack.

Carol Pamlayne
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I love CLC pecans. I use them for all my cooking. I keep a bowl of them handy on the counter because they are a delicious snack. They are so sweet and juicy.

Betsy Wise
Lubbock, Texas

CLC Pecans are the best pecans I have ever tasted. I order them regularly and have them shipped to me in Virginia. I have tried pecans from the store, and they just aren’t the same. Once you get used to eating the fresh pecans, you don’t want any other kind! I am grateful to have found a pecan producer that continually provides sweet and meaty nuts.

Mark Gray
Alexandria, Virginia

My doctor told me to stop eating unhealthy snacks, so I researched the healthy options, and I found that pecans contain healthy fats and provide the protein that I need. I feel so fortunate to have found CLC Pecans that provide me with the most delicious nuts. They are shipped to me quickly when I order them, and I just pop the ones I don’t plan to use immediately in the freezer. I love CLC Pecans!

Bill Baxter
Dallas, Texas